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The Lakes School is:

  • a place of excellence and enjoyment where each person strives to achieve their potential in academic, personal and physical development by being challenged to be their best,
  • a caring place where each person sees their own contribution and is respected and valued as an individual,
  • a place of partnership between young people, parents, staff and governors and our wider local, national and international communities.

Our Values

  • Be enthusiastic about learning
  • Try to achieve your full potential
  • Be equipped to learn
  • Get involved in the challenging opportunities offered
  • Make a positive contribution to school and community
  • Show respect to all others in our community
  • Be healthy and active
  • Develop quality relationships
  • Care for each other
  • Respect our unique environment and appreciate its impact on our culture


Key Principles

Learning: with every student having a broad range of experiences and challenges, both inside and outside the classroom, and receiving first class teaching to ensure that they achieve their full potential.

Caring: where every student is safe and secure so that they can learn with confidence, and where consideration for others and self discipline are developed.

Community: to work as a sports college to be a centre for learning for our whole community and, through this, to provide the best possible opportunities for every person who uses the school.


Mission Statement:

Excellence through a caring, learning community