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In Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to study for ASDAN qualifications.


ASDAN programmes and qualifications blend activity-based curriculum enrichment with a framework for the development, assessment and accreditation of key skills and other personal and social skills, with emphasis on negotiation, co-operation and rewarding achievement.


ASDAN is approved by DfES, QCA, DELLS, CCEA and SQA.


ASDAN Programmes and Qualifications are:

  • Approved by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
  • Referred to in the Dearing Report as examples of good practice in the context of “Recognising a Wider Range of Achievement” and “Improving Skills in Lifelong Learning”
  • Recognised by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) in relation to HE entry
  • Acknowledged by over 140 Institutions of HE which formally recognise their value for entry purposes
  • A way of delivering “self reliance, flexibility and breadth through fostering competence in key skills” (NTETs)


All ASDAN Programmes and Qualifications have a number of common features:

  • They are learner centred, offering opportunities for a negotiated curriculum which is modular and activity based
  • They encourage candidates to develop responsibility for their own learning through a process of action planning and review
  • They assist in the personal and social development of the individual through a focus on Key Skills for which the QCA (Qualifications Curriculum Authority) national standards provide a template for assessment and accreditation
  • They recognise achievement across the school/college curriculum, as well as in the home, the community and the world of work.