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What are the new Diplomas?

The Diploma is a new 14-19 qualification that brings an innovative approach to learning. It enables students to gain knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience of sectors they are interested in, while putting new skills into practice.  Created to provide a real alternative to more traditional education and qualifications, Diplomas represent the most important change to the country’s education system since the introduction of GCSEs. Diplomas are a fully rounded qualification combining theoretical with practical learning - including functional English, mathematics and information and communication technology (ICT).The aim is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for further or higher education, as well as for their long-term employability.

The Diploma is innovative and imaginative - designed to provide young people from a wide range of backgrounds with a greater choice of options in their learning programmes. Based on the vision that high quality learning is as important as the content itself, the Diploma puts the student at the centre of their learning experience. It is intended to engage students of all abilities and to introduce them to a range of different employment sectors using applied learning approaches. Students will, therefore, have opportunities to work in a creative framework of knowledge and skills with wide curriculum options.

However, this curriculum is not entirely new: the broad employment areas are covered in each line of learning. So the Diplomas will be building on a foundation that is already established and effective. What is new is the content and approach of the principal learning in all lines, including the requirement for a minimum of 50 per cent applied learning. The combination of component parts and the way these work together is also new and innovative. It offers young people the opportunity for a coherent learning experience throughout the Diploma programme as they develop knowledge and skills for the future.

Why is the Diploma different? 

The Diploma was developed by employers, educators and others to help prepare learners for life and work in local and global environments. The Diploma will offer students excellent opportunities to progress in education and to explore areas of the world around them that they are interested in. These could include health, business, finance and IT.


The benefits of a Diploma

 The Diploma combines theory and classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience. Diploma students develop their skills in English, mathematics and ICT, and acquire knowledge and skills about an employment sector, including structured work experience. The Diploma gives young people the skills they need for success in the modern workplace and in life. It brings learning to life in new and exciting ways.

The Diploma has the following benefits for learners:

  • Although students will be based at school or college, they should have the chance to do part of their learning in other schools, colleges or the workplace.
  • Learning about their chosen sector will help them make decisions about their future career.
  • Learners will acquire transferable skills that any employer, in any sector, will recognise and value.
  • At Advanced level, Diploma students will have the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to go on to higher education.

Benefits for employers

Businesses today need employees who have transferable, work-relevant skills and knowledge that they are able to apply in a practical way to a range of contexts. The Diploma offers a range of teaching and learning styles, across a variety of different environments. Learning about a chosen subject will help students make important decisions about their future career. It will enable them to acquire transferable skills that any employer, in any sector, would recognise.