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Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work Outline

Year 7          
Making Connections People Everywhere Weather and Climate Ecosystems World Sport Rivers
Year 8          
Settlement and Shopping Tectonic Activity Resources - Can the Earth Cope? Investigating Brazil Flooding Glaciation
Year 9          
Development Local Action - Global Effects Jobs, Fashion and Globalisation Tourism Crime and Community  

Each unit of work is expected to last approximately 6 weeks although variations do occur.

Field work at Key Stage 3

Year 7 Local Fieldwork

Year 8 Sellafield Resources Visit and Easedale Glaciation (not for domestic 56k modems)

Year 9 Tourism Study


Key Stage 4

At GCSE the OCR Avery Hill specification is followed. For full details please visit the exam board site.

Geography_Learn_On_The_Internet click to open this very useful site.

Briefly the assessment is as follows:

15% coursework based on an urban study in Preston.

10% decision making exercise coursework.

75% exam based assessment.

Briefly the content is as follows:

1. People and Place

2. Water, Landforms and People

3. Climate, the Environment and People

4. People, Work and Development

Geography case studies

Kenya River Processes Global Warming Urban Environment
Carlisle Floods Caatinga Docklands Holdernesss
Holderness Alaskan Food Web Solomon Islands Preston Urban
Deforestation Cumbria Storm Water Transfer Monsoon
Water-created Landforms Coastal Processes Barra-Rochina Sweatshops


Key Stage 5

At AS and A2 we use the Edexcel B specification. For full details and useful documents visit the exam board site.


Key Stage 3 Homework Plan

Click here for the Geography Department Homework Plan for the Autumn Term.

Click here for the Mississippi PowerPoint.