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Learning Support

The policy of the Lakes School is to provide for each child’s individual educational need, ideally included in the mainstream classroom. 

A wide variety of needs are catered for in school and there are links with Cumbria ’s Specialist Teacher Service working with Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired as well as pupils with learning needs.

The school is accessible for pupils with mobility problems with ramps and lifts. A physiotherapy room is available.  The learning support department is based in room 15.  This is open most breaks and lunchtimes for pupils to socialise, play chess or use the computers there.

The department has two teachers, Mrs Howarth (Head of Learning Support) and Mr Brooks.

The Learning Support department offer assessment and extra literacy lessons for pupils especially in year 7. The literacy groups are small and use a variety of methods including computer programmes such as Nessy, Starspell and Wordshark. Reading books from Folens ‘On the Edge’ series and cards games such as Swap from Gamz are also used.

The bulk of in-class support is done by the teaching assistants and the Lakes School is fortunate in having some well qualified and very experienced staff.